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Behind The Beat | Ben Nicky Headf**k Seattle Pre-Show Interview

Thursday, December 05, 2013
Wesley McLaughlin

Ben Nicky

This week we have a special interview/giveaway for you. All the way from the United Kingdom, we've caught up with Ben Nicky. In just two weeks on Thursday, December 19th 2013 he will be making the venture across the Atlantic Ocean to play at Last Supper Club in Seattle, Washington. This seems to be the perfect venue for his hard hitting upbeat trance, not only because it destroys dancefloors, but because Nicky was strongly influenced by Seattle great Nirvana growing up. Event and ticket information will be located at the end of this interview if you like what you see/hear!! We will also be doing a ticket giveaway in the next couple days so be on the lookout.

Ben Nicky

OTB: How did you come up with the 'Headf**k labeling for your events, remixes, and radio shows, and why do you feel that it is important? Ben Nicky: My DJ style has always been about energy and I love creating random edits, mashups, and unexpected madness. The Headf**k name was just something random that I came up with and it seemed to take off once artists such as Armin Van Buuren were behind it. You can hear some of this material for yourself throughout this article as well as on my Soundcloud Page. OTB: What is your favorite BPM to work at and why? Also what is your favorite BPM/subgenre to listen to? Ben Nicky: BPM doesn't bother me as long as it sounds good. Most of my sets are between 136-142 bpm but this doesn't mean I do not enjoy other genres. I take a lot influence from artists that you'd never believe such as Sex Pistols, Depeche Mode, The Streets, Metallica, etc. OTB: How long have you been producing and who are your biggest influences in music currently and from the past? Ben Nicky: I have been DJing for about eight years and producing for five, although I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing co-producers along the way to make my knowledge greater in a shorter amount of time. My musical influences from the past have to be rock bands such as Kiss and Nirvana, as well as dance acts like Paul Van Dyk and Mauro Picotto. Nowadays I don't really have an icon or influence, I just try to do my own thing and keep my head away from copying others. OTB: How many tattoos do you have and which one is most important to you or most interesting? Ben Nicky: I couldn't count how many tattoos I have but I have a full sleeve on one arm and my second arm is on it's way as well. I have a certain tattoo of a necklace and rose which symbolizes a gift my grandma gave me before she died, so that is definitely the most important one to me. OTB: Do you have any new Headf**k remixes/original releases that we should be looking for coming out in the next couple of months? Ben Nicky: Yes. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat, Alone Tonight, and Delirium/Silence Headf**k's plus some new singles and collaborations in early 2014. OTB: What has been your favorite club/venue to play at thus far in your career? Ben Nicky: From a size perspective, I'd say Tomorrowland or Nature One Festival. As for the best crowd, I'd say any event in Argentina... best crowd in the world! OTB: Could you tell us a little bit more about your Management's Submerged Boat Parties and what they entail, and are there any chances you will be bringing one to the United States ever? Ben Nicky: I am unsure on upcoming events that they are doing but the event in London was certainly good, fun, and intimate although it was certainly amusing trying to mix when we were going over rocky waters! OTB: Last but not least, Where did you get your newest onesie (pictured on Twitter), what material is it, and how did it come about?

Ben Nicky

Ben Nicky: I am quite lucky to have some amazing clothing sponsors and the guys at Project 722 were nice enough to hook me up. Check their upcoming products on If you would like to check out the event information please follow this link to the Facebook page for Ben Nicky @ Headf**k Seattle. Also here is the ticket link on Brown Paper Tickets.  Last but not least you can check out the event on Last Supper Club's Website.  Within the next few days we will be posting a ticket giveaway, but we recommend you go get them soon so that you don't miss out!!


As an added treat, if you check out this link you can download this Language Headf**k for free!!