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Mashup Monday (ft. DJ Topsider, bvnny, and More!) - Free Download

Hey there everybody. I'm here with the only good part of your Monday, Mashup Monday! I've got six brand spankin' new and amazing mashups to play for you guys today. So let's get right to it:

1) DJ Topsider - Deep End

DJ Topsider seems to be on my posts a lot, so it may seem like I'm playing favorites, and I totally am. How can I not when he forces my hand so often by putting out ONLY top quality tracks? The objective that all of us mashup artists have is to put our own spin on multiple songs while making the mix so seamless that the listener doesn't even know that they have just been mind f**ked, and Topsider seems to do that with every single track. Tops to you, Mr. Sider (laaaame).

2) bvnny - Lose My Dark Horse

Recently coming out of nowhere and onto my radar over the past several months is mashup artist bvnny. I have loved pretty much every single one of his mixes so far and this one is no different. I love the Katy Perry vocals over Alesso's remix of One Republic. Great idea, great stuff.

3) The Hood Internet - Without Pressure

Dillon Francis. Queen. David Bowie. The Hood Internet. Yes! That's all.

4) DJ mikeH - Set Me Free

I found this mashup from DJ mikeH in my inbox and (just to let you hopefuls know) I listen to everything that is submitted to me. This one I played probably 10 times now. I love it. If you like to rage out to a seamless mix, then this mashup is for you.

5) Monstrous City - Heart of Rockin'

This is Monstrous City's second time making the cut for Mashup Monday, and I know it won't be the last. This kid has a good ear for what sounds good together. I expect to see more of him in the future!

6) FrankCarmine - Otherside

This is a new mashup of mine that I released yesterday. I love the Icona Pop vocals with Phoebe Ryan. I think if you're the type that enjoys the styles of Kap Slap or Trademark then this is the mix for you. Thanks for pressing play guys! See you next week. -Frank