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Porter Robinson Unveils New Direction

Monday, March 03, 2014

Free to download, this new arrival from Porter Robinson is far from EDM. Reminiscent of dramatic movie music, "Sea of Voices" is a calm glory to behold. Following the same chord progression as Moby's hit "Almost Home", Porter gives us the soundscape of our dreams.  Bold in its message, yet docile in its delivery - That's how I envision Porter's "Worlds".  The ending to this track, after a sweet little vocal sample is a huge, full range power saw combination across the board. Saws up and down with heavy kick & snare combo.

See creation come alive:

Here's what Juventa had to say about this release on Facebook:
"If there's anyone who can get all of us to drop the bullshit and start realizing what electronic music can and should really do, it's Porter Robinson. His 'Worlds' album is our key to musical revelation right now, and ffs I really hope we all take our chances this time to turn things around."
Major words from Juventa which should ring loudly in the ears of every EDM producer out there.