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BOATS' New Album Vapors is a Hypnotic Melding of Glitch Hop and Trap

Thursday, March 06, 2014
Colin Rinehart

BOATS is a little known artist on the Oakland, California-based label 'Dollops'. His new album, titled "Vapors", is on bandcamp for free. The Dollops Music Facebook page only has three digits worth of likes, but I wouldn't be surprised if 2014 is the year of the Dollop. Everything these guys release is awesome and unique in its own way.

1.) YUP:

The album kicks off with some heavy 808s and glitches. This is one of those tracks that leaves you curious as to what comes next.


Aww yissss, some trap stuff for you; featuring some typical sounding trap 808s, but with a drum pattern which lends more of a shout-out to dubstep. If the booming 808's didn't convince you that this is a trap track though then the high-hats which kick in halfway through the song will.


Very spacey, glitchy, jungle-style vibes with this song. This track definitely falls into more of the glitch hop category.


Mas trap containing dramatic high-pitched synths, with some, you guessed it, 808s over a trap drum beat. This track is as fun to dance to as it is to simply sit down and appreciate. Then it hits what could almost be described as a breakdown at the end that gets very heavy.

5.) Rollin wit Amir:

A much faster paced track than the previous 4 on the album. The fast drum kicks, but slow, spaced out synths give it an interesting feel. Then it slows right back down and turns into what aspires to be a trap song, but instead lands somewhere in the realm of glitch.


This song comes in smoothly with almost no build. I find myself unable to stop nodding my head back and forth even as I type. Easily one of the funkier tracks on the album; the bass isn't an 808 this time, it's a very slight wobble which almost sounds like an actual bass guitar being played.


Hop up and appropriately welcome in some pure bred trap with this one.

8.) DERBY(w_Bastien₲ѺѦ₮):

Holy crap wut is this? I have no idea what to describe the instrument in this song as, but its sick. It almost sounds like a Middle-Eastern wind instrument. Definitely a major change from the rest of the album. Such track. Wow.

9.) AND THEY BUMP pt.1:

Some crazy sampling on another great straight up trap song. The title perfectly describes the dance floor when this track drops.

10.) WHuh pt 2:

And They Bump pt.1 flows so smoothly into this I didn't recognize the track change. Some interesting soft saw waves woven through this one. And ends almost as smoothly as it started.

11.) pt 3:

This track is much more glitchy than the other three in this triple part series about halfway through. Its an interesting series of tracks to make part of a trilogy and they each compliment each other nicely.

12.) BLEMM:

Elephants. Each time this guy makes you wanna just sit down and listen to his album, he gets you get back up again. This track doesn't break that pattern.

13.) FREAK:

Droppin' bombs all over the place. The bass in this track could be hundreds of bombs going off around you while you and your dance partner "freak". The second half of this song is just as heavy, and justifiably "freak"-able; but it takes a more glitch hop approach towards its "freak"-ness. With a bouncing, string sounding instrument playing over the same heavy bombs.


This one is very loud and in your face. And features my favorite sound, lasers.

15.) I wanna know you:

I wish people were like birds, this would be my song to attract mates.

16.) Rollin thru:

This one's snappy.

17.) Jist:

A definite build a the beginning of this one leads to some orchestral string sounding synths followed by fluttering versions of the same sound. This song reminds me of radar bleeps drawn out to last longer, like alien spaceship noises. And then it gives way to some dope, funky 808s.


What is that title? Listen to this track and find out. This track is good.

19.) Moonsleep:

Dont listen to this track and look at a full moon, it'll put you to sleep. No but seriously this track is really peaceful and relaxing. becomes a little less peaceful, with a more dramatic beat; though still maintaining its previous level of relaxation.

20.) Homies for life:

As in "share this album with people and they'll be your homies for life." BOATS finishes off strong with this one right from the start. Easily one of the best tracks on the album; this one will leave you wanting more, despite your very recent, near OD on 20 lethal glitch hop/trap crossbreed tracks.