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Creamy Cookies prove they can "Smash" Festival House | Free Download!

Thursday, March 06, 2014
Christina Hernandez

Ladies and gents, sound the alarm -  I have found a second Big Room song that I have a bit of a liking for! This comes in the form of "Smash," by the rising house producer-duo Creamy Cookies. Though not too well known now, these talented San Francisco natives (who I am also honored to call my friends), are a group to keep your eye on. In addition to Big Room House, these guys also have a wide variety of other type house tracks, one of which will be released on Nicky Romero's Protocol label this coming Monday. And now for the track: Not too bad, 'ey? Paired with the classic hardstyle-esque kick normative of this type of music, Creamy Cookies use a far less cheesy synth sample and a dark melody in minor key, making this song something to "rage" to that provides a more diverse sound than many of the tracks in this genre that sound the same. The best part about this track? Not a hint of triplets in the main melody! Now that's a relief. Download it above, put it in your pregame playlist, and prepare to get pumped.