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Get glitchy & growly with "Sculpted" by Haywyre! (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Monday, March 24, 2014
Conner Thomas

Haywyre's latest track, Sculpted is one of those tracks where I'm not exactly sure genre is fits into. But oh man, it's catchy. It starts out reminiscent of Portishead-esque trip hop, but quickly layers in some deeeeeeeep sub-bass and gets that growly Monstercat sound that we all know so well. To make things even better, you can grab sculpted the the low price of free.99 from their facebook page! Give the track a listen here and get hooked on Haywyre while you wait for the release of their Two Fold Pt. 1 EP which you can pre-order here on Bandcamp! Haywyre - Sculpted