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Good Guy Ben Gold Donating New Freebie - "Departure"!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Ben gold partyheartyBen Gold, producer from London, UK has unleashed another peak-time banger with all of the bells and whistles you've come to know and love! Best news - it's for FREE! All thanks to reaching 50k likes on Facebook! Ben Gold's background, for those unfamiliar, is amazingly straight forward. Only after only one year of producing, Ben achieved a print on a professional compilation 'Trance Nation' at just 15, followed by a promotion from Paul Oakenfold along with a print on Perfecto. His future seemed to be etched in stone, in the words of Paul himself, “Ben Gold is a talented young producer and definitely one to watch out for in the future” - which we are. *Editorial comment: The trance feel is a mature feel, one that comes with raw emotion unlike its more superficial, party-bent counterpart which makes Ben's young age that much more impressive.*


Shaking with the energy we all know and love, Ben Gold lashes out with a new, amazing original track hosting mesmerizing hooks, huge beats and great production simply to celebrate his Facebook page reaching 50k likes! Ben Gold heartfelt IMO, Ben Gold's signature is his hooks. Every amazing piece of art he's released has one major commonality- a catchy melody with the perfect synth to catch your ear. I love his grainy (maybe bit crusher or teletube, for you Massive fans) synthesizer patches that develop after a growing development of beats, bass and arpeggios!  An absolute treat for harmony/melody enthusiasts (such as myself) who find it hard to connect with a percussive or distorted sound without any tone (sound you can put a musical note to).  "BG"'s originals such as "Kinetic" and "Thriller" are recent examples of his prowess along with the slightly older "Slave" club dub with Tritonal that Ben did in 2011. "Departure" follows the trend of amazing, powerful leads that build and  build, like snowballs until they explode in an uncontrollable frenzy of dance! Such is Ben Gold's style, as anyone who's seen his live performance or checked out his podcast knows! Ben Gold Podcast   Please support Ben Gold and other incredible Trance artists - give them the resources to keep going!