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Ger3to - A 14 year-old Israeli Bounce Prodigy!

Monday, June 02, 2014

Ger3to Face 2Ger3to, or Yuval Abu, is a bounce house producer and DJ from Jerusalem, Israel - the city of gold in the heart of the middle east. Ger3to has a ton of original material out on Beatport, several of which were included on electro house compilations. I had the chance to ask Ger3to a few questions to get a younger perspective on life, production, and the Israeli club scene. Ger3to Live 1The City of David, Jerusalem has been a hot spot for political unrest since biblical times. However, music has  magic that calms the soul and teaches us to forgive. When asked if political issues affect the clubbing Ger3to boldly states that "at parties, everyone accepts everyone without political opinion." Starting with some background on when he got into dance music Ger3to stated, "I was always interested about how to produce a track and how to play electronic music." It was at age 12 when Ger3to "became more interested and started producing full tracks." Me - "You're only 14 years old, does the age affect getting or playing gigs?"Ger3to Live 3 Ger3to - "Not really...Not something that bothers me." I don't know about you, but to me that's boss status! Aside from the fact that Israeli clubbers are "crazy" about psytrance, Yuval had this to say about the scene over there: "One word: weak, there are great clubs but there [are] no producer parties with the ability to bring high-level artists like Will Sparks, Deorro, etc." For the producers out there (myself included), I had a couple studio-related questions too:
Q - What program do you use and why? Midi controllers? A - FL STUDIO, Keyboard control but I don't use very much.
Q - Favorite plug ins and why? A - Sylenth 1, Massive, Surge, Spire. They are very comfortable for me, I learned how to use them correctly so its very easy for me to produce them sounds.
Q - When you sit down to write music, do you always do it the same way? If you use templates, what do they have? A - Never, unless it comes in a very specific style that I do not know another way to produce it.
Ger3to Face 1As for the remainder of 2014, Ger3to says he has "a lot of tracks to release the next six months, a lot of shows" adding that "most importantly, continue to make music and make people happy." Yuval, aka Ger3to would like to thank his fans, his brother (also his manager) and "all the people who believe in me." Show your support for those who challenge age barriers! Follow and Like!