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K Theory Shows Us Why Love Is The Answer (Free DL!)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Get ready to find out why love is the answer... San Francisco-based trio K Theory recently released "The Answer" featuring Katie Sky from their upcoming album, and with a beautiful piano melody, stunning vocals by Sky and Malcolm (from K Theory) and a fun electro beat, it's hard not to get groovy to this insatiable tune. The fresh new track follows "Things I Like To Do," the debut single from their studio masterpiece Roller Coasters We Live On, which will span across genres like pop, rock and hip-hop--all with their signature electronic sound. Sweetening the deal? The whole album will be given away for free download! Each month until it’s release date on September 29, K Theory will release give away one track from their new album followed by a remix package that will be available on Beatport through the label Simplify. So take a listen below and don't forget to pick it up for free!


CHORUS: Katie Sky

Forget all that you know Love is the answer Love is the answer

Free your mind, let go Love is the answer Love is the answer

VERSE 1: Katie Sky

Searched the world And I have found That nothing else Matters now As we grow You will find As we grow Our love will shine

Thinking out loud i think i found my self in you, in you. Time is running out I'm starting to freak out The walls that I put up Are starting to breakdown for you

VERSE 2: Malcolm Anthony

Let love live, let it free your mind Add you plus me, and you can't divide Do the math, I just really want you by my side Subtract the bullshit, and leave the stress aside Life is love baby, just enjoy your ride Do you whatever in the world, makes you feel alright You happy, then I'm happy, lets chill like ice Become a fraction we can go all night.

VERSE 3: Katie Sky

Search yourself The time is now If nothing else We'll see how How to love And how to live If anything Our hearts will give

Speaking out loud I'm giving myself To you, to you Time is running out I'm starting to find out What love is all about The answers inside of you