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New Remix, Same (Awesome) Sound Remedy

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Travis Quick

There have been many artists lately who have decided to change their style or sound, including Porter Robinson and Headhunterz, who both decided to take a new direction with their latest releases. With the newfound trend of producers charting a new EDM course, you may wonder if Sound Remedy has gotten into this and made his newest remix completely different... I'll just answer that for you right now, NO! (But don't worry, that's a good thing!) Sound Remedy's latest remix of "Almost Home" by Moby is pure fire and the perfect remix to start off your summer right. If you follow Sound Remedy on Twitter, then you might know this song was released at 9 a.m. sharp today. Sound Remedy is extremely vocal on twitter and likes to let his fans know exactly what he is doing and the time frame of his latest and greatest tracks. If you're a Twitter user, I highly recommend following him ASAP for insights on the industry and details about his newest releases! With this remix, Sound Remedy takes "Almost Home" and makes it a thrilling masterpiece, turning a vanilla track into an epic journey. While starting off somewhat slow and with a tinge of a depressing feel, the vocals kick in right as you start to really start contemplating life. As the song progresses, the tempo starts to pick up as if was that crescendo of a sun break at dawn. At about the two minute mark, Sound Remedy's true colors shine through to give listeners a magical feel of pure bliss and everlasting happiness. Don't believe me? Give "Almost Home" a listen and hear for yourself.

Moby - Almost Home (Sound Remedy Remix)

Love it so much you can't get enough? Well, you are in luck, because Sound Remedy made this remix FREE to download! If you want to show Sound Remedy some love in return for this great track, make sure to tweet: [Tweet "#remedygivesback"]