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LAXX Drops First Free Download From "Step Free" EP

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Since releasing the news that he was giving away his next EP as a free download, LAXX set the hearts of his fans racing. LAXX signed to Never Say Die last year, and the presence that he has already created around his profile has been thrilling to watch. He has already released the iconic 'Step One' and 'Step Two' EPs, and now returns with an ingenious method to distribute the third. Launched via the medium of a hilarious spoof teaser trailer, it was revealed that over the next few weeks LAXX will be releasing a single every other week - entirely free of charge (hence the title 'Step Free'). The first single has just dropped in the form of the sinister, twisting sounds of 'Threat'. It's certainly a taster of how LAXX's creative mind works, and it certainly satisfies those who like their bass gnarly and sprinkled with unique bits and pieces along the way. Grab your free copy here.