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Lazerdisk Brings the Funk with New Mélange EP

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Epic duo Lazerdisk, made up of LA-based producers Chad Bechard & Zack Johnson, just released their latest EP 'Mélange' for free download, delivering a refreshing mixture of vintage-esque tunes perfect for these hot summer days.
Mélange is a dance record. A marriage of past and present sounds embracing retro-futurism. The songs have elements of funk, hip hop and pop from the early 80’s that were inspired by our vinyl collection. -Chad & Zack
After being on my radar for quite some time now with bang-up tracks with the likes of Diplo and remixes of Lorde, Cashmere Cat, The Knocks and more, the pair formerly known as Lazerdisk Party Sex (which to this day is still one of my favorite DJ names) has yet to disappoint me with their productions. Now I don't often go into much detail about tracks in an EP/album/compilation, but as I listened through 'Mélange' I couldn't help but be inspired. "Got The Love" featuring Craig Mitchell from their hometown of Burlington, VT gets the EP off on a funky, upbeat note that's reminiscent of productions from other great duos Justice and Daft Punk. Their next track, "Sunk," keeps the good vibes going with just enough seductive guitar riffs and vocals to get your panties wet, before "I Think I Love You" takes you back to the era of synthpop and new wave with its keyboard synthesizers and hand-clapping beat. Following the first three captivating compositions is "Crashing" featuring NYC's The Knocks, and together the offbeat dance music duos take the EP to another level introducing more of an electro feel that provides the 'retro-futurism' they promised and a unique track that I can see myself boogying to time and time again. And finally, wrapping up 'Mélange' comes "Star Stuff," a merging of organ synths, drum machine and a simple yet strong head-banging arrangement that brings the 'nu' to nu-disco.

Lazerdisk - Mélange EP