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Discover Coldplay's bipolar side

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Daniel Taibleson


I get a ton of track submissions to my Only The Beat email, and honestly, it's kind of a running joke between us music bloggers about how out of control our inboxes are with promo's. But over the last 9 months there's been one producer that's caught my eye more than once, and this isn't the first time I've written about his productions on the site. Besides the fact that he gives away his tracks as free downloads, they're really sophisticated compared to the rest of the field. I'm also impressed by how different they are....I don't know anyone else that makes tracks like this, so they definitely make me stop and take another listen. When you're done listening to his bipolar output fixx (and grabbing the free download) make sure you check out Vidda's other free download on Only The Beat: I want to be rich, I want lots of money Coldplay free-download-Fix You (Vidda's Bipolar Output Refixx)

Coldplay - Fix You (Vidda's Bipolar Output Refixx)

What's with the title? We actually it's pretty simple, Vidda says in his Soundcloud description of the track: "bipolar: the song has two very different parts output: i love funktion one and output club in brooklyn, ny" Works for me...Enjoy the free download!

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