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Maxim Unveils "Wolf" With MC Cianna Blaze

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Travis Quick

maxim-cianna-blaze Coming in hard and heavy, Maxim releases his latest single “Wolf” featuring Cianna Blaze. This is the anthem for their new EP, “Animal Anger” which is set to be released in October. If you are unaware of whom Maxim is, let me give you the run down. Maxim is the vocalist of The Prodigy and has branched out to reveal his production/DJ skills to the world. With a song like this, it’s about damn time. Teaming up with MC/vocalist Cianna Blaze, this hard hitting duo brings a refreshing new air to the trap community. Don’t be afraid if you have to wash your hands after this song because it’s a dirty one! maxim-wolf This is just the beginning for Maxim & Cianna. “Wolf” is the first of their 4 song EP. After that, who knows where the two will end up? I do know that whatever it is, they are destined for something major. I mean, the fact that Maxim was introduced to the MC world at the young, ripe age of 14 just goes to show the breadth and knowledge at his finger tips. Maxim had this to say about his partnership with Cianna:
"I understand the world of being an MC, a frontman, a vocalist, a hype man, and a performer, so it was easy for me to take a step back and bring that out of Cianna”
That’s that TRAP SHIT I DO LIKE! Press play. I dare you. Afterwards, go get yourself a free copy by downloading "Wolf" off Maxim's Soundcloud page.

Maxim feat. Cianna Blaze - Wolf

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