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Move Around – G Jones

Saturday, September 13, 2014

This week an up-and-coming West Coast bass producer has captivated my heart and mind with his latest release, "Move Around" – G Jones. This track is on fire, taking new sounds to the next level, by showcasing his spacey future bass melodies we all know him for, with the perfect complimentary underlying heavy trap beats. You can count on this track to get most parties going, and if not, you might want to change parties. Most fans that are familiar with G Jones know him as an incredible producer, but with this latest release it looks like he is finally putting his foot down in this industry.

In just the last year, G Jones has captivated young audiences across North America with his playful and expansive take on broken beat dance music. His live show presents an ever changing catalog of heavy-hitting hip-hop beats, cross-genre experiments, and expansive melodic riffs in a way that illuminates and drives the dance floor. I will never forget the first time I got to see him live at Coachella back in April. Unfortunately, after being disappointed by Outkast’s performance at the main stage, I was determined to finish the night on a good note; I journeyed back to the Do LaB to find the musical collaboration of Minnesota vs. G Jones. This was probably the most unique performance I experienced over the entire weekend. The two California natives teamed up and collaborated their unique genres to bring their audience a smooth, astral, hyphy, glitch hop-like bass sound, that almost blows your clothes off from the thunderous 808 sub-bass kick drums. When dancing, my body couldn’t decide if I should get low to the ground or blast off into outer space, and I loved every minute of it!

With G Jones’ irrelevant attitude toward unimaginative EDM, this young producer pushes the envelope and blurs the lines between musical styles, while maintaining a meticulous balance of minimal space complimented with heavy bass. If you haven’t seen him live yet, you should add him to your bucket list immediately.

Happy listening my friends!

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