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Jake Sgarlato & Ranidu Create "Bollywood!"

Sunday, September 14, 2014
Travis Quick

Jake_Sgarlato_Ranidu_Bollywood Jake Sgarlato & Ranidu team up to release their monstrous single, "Bollywood," topping it off with none other than a free download! What a perfect song to close out the summer. I couldn't tell whether or not to be impressed upon listening to "Bollywood" for the first time. I felt something, but couldn't quantify it. I had to pause, think, and determine what I had just listened to. Was it so brilliant that it went over my head or was the song really that bad? I changed my thinking and pressed play once again, this time embarking on one incredible journey. Bollywood Jake Sgarlato & Ranidu released this track on Buygore, Borgore's label which has been gaining some major traction, especially with hits like this. What a different sound, especially when you compare this to what Borgore produces. "Bollywood" has a perfect flow and the drop isn't half bad. Scratch that...the drop is down right incredible. I haven't been so motivated to dance in such a long time by a single song. Thank goodness this song is as long as it is because you will need the time to collect your thoughts and dance into the beyond.

Jake Sgarlato & Ranidu - Bollywood

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