Jake Sgarlato & Ranidu Create “Bollywood!”


Jake Sgarlato & Ranidu team up to release their monstrous single, “Bollywood,” topping it off with none other than a free download! What a perfect song to close out the summer.

I couldn’t tell whether or not to be impressed upon listening to “Bollywood” for the first time. I felt something, but couldn’t quantify it. I had to pause, think, and determine what I had just listened to. Was it so brilliant that it went over my head or was the song really that bad? I changed my thinking and pressed play once again, this time embarking on one incredible journey.


Jake Sgarlato & Ranidu released this track on Buygore, Borgore’s label which has been gaining some major traction, especially with hits like this. What a different sound, especially when you compare this to what Borgore produces. “Bollywood” has a perfect flow¬†and the drop isn’t half bad. Scratch that…the drop is down right incredible. I haven’t been so motivated to dance in such a long time by a single song. Thank goodness this song is as long as it is because you will need the time to collect your thoughts and dance into the beyond.

Jake Sgarlato & Ranidu РBollywood

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Travis Quick

Travis Quick

Travis Quick graduated from the University of Washington Foster Business School. While his top artists include Madeon, Hardwell and Adventure Club; his true passion is Trap! Travis loves to travel. While on the road, he makes sure to stop by local festivals and shows, however, his heart resides in the Pacific Northwest.
Travis Quick
- 4 days ago
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