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CloZee Makes Her US Debut

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Ashley Ingersoll

CloZee is currently one of the most prominent new producers coming out of France. In 2013 Chloé Herry was awarded "Best International Newcomer" at the UK Glitch-Hop awards, and has recently made her first trip to the United States for a 17-show, cross-country tour. I am so excited to say that I was able to witness her first performance here in Dallas at Sundown at Granada. Two local musicians, Mikey Rodge and Jumbii, have teamed up to create Future Funk Lounge, a weekly glitch-hop show that hosted CloZee's inaugural performance. I was blown away by CloZee's creativity and multi-genre sound. A perfect example of CloZee's unique combination of genres is the track aptly named "Erase the Borders" off the 3-song EP Inner Peace. It's got the deep glitch-hop bass, a distinct eastern sound, a hint of strings, and an ethereal melody. It's amazing, though not surprising, that she is able to fuse together so many different cultures into one track.

CloZee - "Erase the Borders"

One of my favorite CloZee remixes is "New Beginnings" by fellow female glitch-hop producer ill-esha. The blend of hard bass and ill-esha's emotive vocals make for an unbeatable pair. After seeing Herry live, it's apparent she has a great ear for what works with her style, as her track selection is impeccable.

ill-esha - "New Beginnings(CloZee Remix)"

Another great remix is "When I Need To" by French producer Otist Reading. While many of CloZee's tracks include soft vocals or more chill melodies, this one is pure grit. It's the kind of deep and dirty bass you would expect from artists like Cookie Monsta and Chase & Status, featuring jungle drums, rigid beats, and a slight electro feel.

Otist Reading - "When I Need To"

Poetic Assassin is a 5-song EP out on Gravitas Recordings, and the title track highlights yet another one of CloZee's many talents. At the age of 11 she began learning classical guitar, and the intro is a beautiful riff. As the song progresses it dives quickly into a whirlwind of drum and bass, and then back to guitar, proving to be a journey within itself.

CloZee - "Poetic Assassin"

I cannot say enough good things about CloZee. I was in awe of her set in Dallas, and truly believe she has what it takes to become a household name in glitch-hop. Her appeal comes not from her young age, nor that she is a woman. It comes from the fact that she is a damn good producer, and her musical presence commands the room. Her sound is multi-faceted and makes it easy to find something to love about every track. You can catch CloZee at several stops around the US on her fall tour sponsored by Gravitas Recordings! CloZee flyer

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