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Greg Laswell - Comes And Goes (Thero Remix)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

  Thero As we all know, tropical house has been one of the quickest rising genres in the electronic music scene in 2014, with Kygo at the forefront of that surge. However, with Kygo's tremendous strides, it's easy to miss some of the amazing talent that has been traveling in his wake, and are soon to break out, grow, and start their own path. One of these artists is 22-year-old TJ Sarda from Palm Beach, Florida, better known as Thero. Thero has been grinding out over the past several months, releasing close to two (high quality) tracks per month, and now he is back with a brand new remix. This time, Thero takes on Greg Laswell's "Comes And Goes", and adds a very chill tropical house vibe to it, while not sacrificing major elements of the original track.

Thero has been on fire lately, and shows signs of going nowhere but up from here, so keep an ear out for this guy.

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