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Fly Away – E.A.S.Y.

Friday, October 03, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

DJ Enferno and DJ Shiftee joined together to form the duo E.A.S.Y. and have released their first single, 'Fly Away.' I’m not sure if any of you have heard of these two DJS but after this tune, they better be on your radar. I have known of DJ Enferno for a bit watching his masterful remixes of many songs including Steve Aoki’s “Boneless,” and Drake’s “Pound Cake,” on YouTube. Both of them mastered their craft on their Native Instruments Maschine, and are some of the top live producers out there right now. After their successful remix of ‘When Will the Bass Drop’ it’s exciting to see them try their hand at original music. This tune exudes technicality as it switches from quick synth work to fast-paced drums.

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This beat has a summer vibe to it, so as the weather cools down and you're missing the windows-down, hands-in-the-air feeling of summer throw this song on and enjoy the flashback. Cruising on the beachfront or preparing for a night out is a perfect place to play this song as it contains a groovy beat with the essential trap sound that will hype anybody up. Try to contain your bouncing in the car to a minimum though; I don’t want a wreck to happen. The bridge of this tune is heavenly if I say so myself and will uplift you in the darkest of moods. A break beat style at the second drop only solidifies their prowess in producing and should put them at the top of everybody’s mind. Enjoy this free tune from E.A.S.Y. and be on the lookout for their rise as this is only the start of this duo’s career. Happy Listening!

Fly Away – E.A.S.Y.

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