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At Dawn We Rage Alerts the World that Summer's Ending

Saturday, October 04, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

What feels! At Dawn We Rage is back at it again with their new single, “Summer’s End.” This West Coast trio graced everybody’s ears when they released this chill tune because of a member's birthday. Throw this tune on at the end of the night, press play and drift off to a pleasure filled snooze. They start off this tune with a spacey, quiet synthesizer and a quiet guitar riff when the bass drops and a chill beat takes over. Choppy vocals and intricate drum work control the melody while the 808’s propel you into space. The trippy, ethereal synth work will send you to the clouds as the bass rumbles your entire body.summer's end at dawn we rage At Dawn We Rage continues to make music that holds no bounds. Aptly stating in their Facebook genre section, “No Genres, No Barriers” this trio combines live drums and guitar to create their music and can be seen extensively in their live mini mix. This group joins the ongoing trend of introducing real live instruments into EDM, on the heels of Big Gigantic, Modestep, Gramatik and now Porter Robinson. At Dawn We Rage, like these other artists have gone on quite a journey over the past couple of years and it definitely shows in their music.

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If you have yet to hear of them, enjoy this tune and check out their others on SoundCloud. Their intricate music transfers over to their enjoyment for intricate art, which they love to use as album covers. They also have one of the best sweatshirts out there in my opinion, so check it out on their Facebook page. They love to give away their music for free so drop them a like, follow and download away on their SoundCloud. Who needs to rage at night, because at dawn, they rage.

Summer's End - At Dawn We Rage