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Beauty Screams in the new DIVERSA

Wednesday, October 08, 2014
Gabby Espinet

DIVERSA, part of the artist collective, Hegemon, gives you a daily dose of purity with this one.

“Please Don’t Hurt Yourself” makes that long commute worth it. I had this song on repeat yesterday for a solid 2 hours during my trek from University, to a small town called Surrey. As you know, weather in England can be a tad bit gloomy to say the least…but this track has this soft-toned melody that made me drop everything, and just embrace the weather. Even passing my surroundings, (little cottages, football fields, and countless Sainsburys) alone, station-by-station, added that extra touch.

DIVERSA - Please Don't Hurt Yourself

This one is equally as beautiful as my last post (Manila Killa’s, “Strong Remix”). The intro has this settling melody, not too long, but enough to get us engaged with the song’s remains. It’s complimented by a warm chill-stepped harmony. I actually think I started shedding slight tears of joy during the first listen. It’s soulful and emotional, and if you really get into it, you’ll realize that it will soon take over your mind, body, and ears.

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