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#TBT: Foster The People - Coming Of Age (Firebeatz Remix)

Thursday, October 09, 2014
Travis Quick

firebeatz-coming-of-ageFirebeatz you do me dirty every time! This time they have decided to give away their remix of "Coming Of Age" by Foster The People in our latest #TBT. This song originally came out earlier this year and was a huge hit. I mean, why wouldn't it be? Remixing Foster The People is probably one of the smartest decisions that Firebeatz has done in my mind. The remix is so good, I am surprised the two groups haven't teamed up to create a live dubstep extravaganza. Foster The Beatz? Fire People? Well...that might be a little too much guessing on my part. But I can only hope. firebeatz-coming-of-age Doesn't this song remind you of driving down the road, speakers exploding, burning hot sun....and cops? I am just so happy that they decided to give their remix away for a FREE DOWNLOAD! That is huge in my mind. They attribute this to all the love and support they have received from their fans this year. To be honest, I just started listening to Firebeatz back in March and they have been on my top 5 artist ever since. After taking a listen, I bet you won't be able to get enough either! Enjoy and happy #TBT!

Foster Of The People- Coming of Age (Firebeatz Remix)