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RAVERCISE 3: Mad Decent Boat Party Edition

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Madison Riccardi

Since Brazzabelle will soon be embarking on her adventure to Mad Decent Boat Party she has given us RAVERCISE 3!

RAVERCISE 3 - Mad Decent Boat Party Edition (FREE DOWNLOAD) 

This episode of Ravercise features Brazzabelle's newest Festival Remix of Destiny’s Child “Say My Name" as well as her new unreleased track “Make It Roll” which is coming out December 1st! Along with tons of unreleased tracks from some of Brazzabelle's "DJ homies" as she would say and some of her favorite up and coming DJ’s. There are some great tracks in this mix that are just going to want to make you get up and RAVERCISE!

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Brazzabelle teamed up with the Mad Decent Boat Party on this episode of Ravercise to help promote her first ever Ravercise class that she will be teaching on board the Mad Decent Boat Party. "The class will essentially be learning dance choreography made by me and will be fueled by Tequila, dance ribbons, and fun. There will be more information on board about time and location but people attending are highly advised to dress to impress in their ravercise best, so pack accordingly!" Brazzabelle says.

Here are some of Brazzabelle's upcoming show dates.

11.12 - Mad Decent Boat Party
11.22 - Avalon w/ Wolfgang Gartner
12.26 - Dallas, TX (Lights All Night)
12.27 - Vancouver (Contact Festival)