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Goldroom x White Cliffs = Nü-wave Groove Funk

Friday, November 14, 2014
Chris Bergin

Album art is everything. If I could give one piece of advice to an up & coming producer, It'd be to stand out via that pathetic little square next to your tunes on Soundcloud. Maybe it's just me, but around half the time I click on a random track it's because I find the artwork intriguing. This was the case for White Cliffs new tune. 10710965_803843563001546_5529475653466399262_n So who is White Cliffs? According to his Soundcloud, he a "Music chef cooking jams for your face" from The North. He's only released 2 tracks, but has already been picked up by the mysterious management group known as Lavender Room. Are you familiar with SNBRN, Dr. Fresch, or Matt DiMona? Yup, they're also managed by Peter Rugo of Lavender Room. Anyways, look for this guy / kid / gal (?) to crush it over the next few months. In the meantime, check out White Cliffs's twist on a classic Goldroom summer jam down below.

Goldroom X White Cliffs - Till Sunrise

Also, if you dig the track above, check his previous effort below!

We Are Twin X White Cliffs - True Love