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Liquid Stranger feat. Deeyah - Hexed & Perplexed (Acid Bath Edit)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bass master Martin Stääf continues his rampage of reckless bass today with a brand new epic edit, Hexed & Perplexed (Acid Bath Edit) – Liquid Stranger feat. Deeyah. The track opens with some twisted Middle Eastern tones, complimented with a funky melodic beat and haunting vocals that makes you feel like you just stumbled into a bass filled trippy Saudi Arabian Palace. That is until Liquid Stranger drops a deep wobbling bass layer behind the intro, snapping the track into a crunchy trap tune. There are not many distinct ways to really describe the tune, but what I can depict is that the melody is dark, the high kickers even crueler, and it's catchy as hell as it plays on the very concept of reinventing electronic music. The track also serves as an excellent example of how diverse Liquid Stranger is as an individual artist, with yet again, his continual creation of memorable dance worthy beats to just about any genre he chooses.

Martin Stääf, aka Liquid Stranger, is known for his experimental approach to composition where he merges genres to create a unique style of music. I think his range of music can be best described by this quote from Martin himself when he says,

“…As humans we all have different emotions. The music reflects those emotions. I’m looking to combine all of those catalytic experiences.”

As an artist in the scene, questions have always surrounded Liquid Stranger. Rather than touting the typical electronic dance music trappings of hyper excess and ego, he chooses to slip back into the shadows, allowing his music to do all the talking and listeners to do a whole lot of wondering. As a result, that music has sent shockwaves throughout the entire genre. Over the course of six full length albums and a myriad of single releases, he’s yielded worldwide hits that are diverse and unique taking the genre to a new level and solidifying him as a trailblazer in the scene.

“I’ve always been a seeker,” admits Liquid Stranger. “If I do something, I’m going to try to master it. I’ve always been interested in pursuits that mirror a bottomless well. They’re something you can never really grasp. As a musician, I always try to have as little control over the creative as possible. The less my ego and control issues get in the way, the better the music is that I make. On good days, I’m more of a channel than the brain behind it. Inspiration is such an untamed, crazy, and wild beast.” That’s also the best way to describe his live show. He’s won over audiences at Electric Daisy Carnival, Voov Experience, Boom Festival, Roskilde and more. If his tour hits your hometown, do yourself a favor and witness his ingenuity live. You will not be disappointed. Happy listening my friends!