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What Is KÅM∆ND¡?

Thursday, November 20, 2014
Lauren Paisley

Sometimes I just can't get enough bass, whether it be the multiple times I have blown out car speakers, raging front row at a show, or simply singing along to my headphones. Think my ear drums are shot to hell? Maybe one day, but I sure am glad they were in tune when I stumbled upon the kiwi bass demon, KÅM∆ND¡. His deep, wonky sounds pierce like a knife into your heart, and I can only imagine what it felt like at the iconic House of Blues this past weekend for Red Bull Sound Select: 30 Days In LA. Alongside Azizi Gibson and Chance the Rapper, KÅM∆ND¡'s debut to the states was something new, forward, and packing enough vibration to get recognized across the Pacific, and I hope we get to see much more from him in the new year. If you are in Los Angeles, you can catch KÅM∆ND¡ before he heads back home to the southern hemisphere this Friday for a free show. Follow him on Facebook to get the location. If you can't attend, luckily for us, KÅM∆ND¡ has generously gifted the world with this free mix tape that you can download from his Facebook page, which I highly suggest you do... for your ears sake of course.

KÅM∆ND¡ - Smoke Club 

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