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Worthy Gives Odesza's Sun Models Some Bass (And Us a Free DL!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Wesley McLaughlin

Cheers to the first gift I have been given this holiday season, a free remix from Worthy.  Bringing together his bass house sounds out of San Francisco with arguably the best new artist of the northwest right now, Odesza, is just what I have been waiting to hear.  This remix has good length and progression as it is seven minutes long, compared to the original which is right around three.  For the first minute and a half the track is pretty similar to the original, but at that point you get some variation and a nice little bass line thrown in.  After that, he throws in an echoed vocal clip from Madelyn Grant.  The midsection of the track has a solid break down with very soft instrumental sounds.  Overall, I feel like he did a great job of taking the track and adding a little flavor/edge to it, without taking away from the original.

Don't forget there is a free link to download this track from Soundcloud.  Happy turkey day from Worthy!