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Faded – Zhu (Dimond Saints Remix)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Just in time for the weekend, I bring you a game changer of a track: Zhu - Faded (Dimond Saints Remix). The collaborative duo, Dimond Saints, is a project of An-Ten-Nae and Releece.  They depart from their original styles to produce a very deep, melodic sound with toned down trap influences. They will captivate, enchant and bewitch your mind, body and soul with their melodic bass infused masterpieces.

Demonstrating a production style unlike anything I've ever heard before, Dimond Saints and Zhu collide and create a mind shattering remix that is both beautifully haunting and so brilliant you just can't get enough. I’m not sure what it is, but Dimond Saints seem to have a magical touch with any song they work on. This duo exploded on the blogosphere out of nowhere with a six track original EP that showcased their unique style of future bass. Since then, they've consistently been keeping their audience satisfied with remix after remix covering a wide range of music. Today, Dimond Saints have reached 1 million plays on Soundcloud and just passed the 20,000 "like" milestone on Facebook. They've certainly been saving this massive treat for their listeners.

With small teases of the original vocals, you're left sensing something euphoric to erupt from the chorus. There is no doubt that Dimond Saints deliver exactly that with a cataclysmic bass line that moves seamlessly through clips of the soft and distorted vocals. This new remix is easily one of Dimond Saints best work as it combines the silky melody with a climatic structure; yet this remix presents both in a way completely foreign to Zhu's work and their typical style of bass music.

I fell in lust with Zhu‘s "Faded," it was cool, airy and intoxicating. But here comes Dimond Saints and adds in this spice that turns it from chill to this otherworldly goodness. I hope you enjoy this track as much as I did, happy listening my friends!