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Moving Castle Is The Future

Wednesday, December 03, 2014
Gabby Espinet

The real question is... who hasn't been keeping up with the Moving Castle crew?

I find that I constantly and effortlessly check up on each artist associated with the collective, in the hopes of hearing a new synth loving, jersey dubbing, bass baby-making release.

And yesterday marked the day of success on that quest.

Moving Castle Volume III was released and I can't even pin point my favorite song, because these talented entities produced a lot of different content, which is something I admire about the label.

I was, however, caught off guard with two things. The first being the new Mark Johns tracks, and the second being "Fallin'", a track produced by Jailo and AOBeats.

So to start, let's discuss "Pas Mieux", "2h Du Matin" and Mark Johns' exquisite French accent.  The beauty and perfection is so evident, especially in "Pas Mieux", as the song surrounds itself with her soft souled vocals, that is complimented by a nostalgic, intimate, and bitter-sweet piano melody; the track itself is naive yet mature. I think it's the combination of the vocals and simplicity of the instrumentals that radiate a sense of innocence, however, the lyrics and strong French intended tone denotes a level of dignified maturity.

Mark Johns - Pas Mieux

The same is demonstrated in "2h Du Matin"; the only difference is the electronic based undertone, courtesy of Manila Killa. The rich and smooth electronic sounds give off a minimalistic vibe that accommodates the vocals of Johns in a very earnest way.

Manila Killa - 2h Du Matin (Ft. Mark Johns)

Then we have "Fallin'".  Jailo and AOBeats have joined forces to create a full blown jersey club track infused with trap-tastic futuristic sounds. At first glance, it sounds indifferent, but if you have been keeping up with the duo, you know that this sound is nothing new... and there's no problem with that, especially if it works to their advantage.

Jailo & AObeats - Fallin'

What I love the most about all of this, is that the compilation takes us on a journey through time; the past, present, and future of music. Everything you hear from here on out, you are bound to run into within the next few months. Consider the amiable URL group the inspiration of music and its future.

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