Almond & FKYA Team Up For Latest Collab

As previously mentioned on OTB, Almond is starting to take off and progress rapidly with his evolution and variation of genres and style. Now, combine that with the style and energy of the up-and-coming Canadian house duo, FKYA, and you have a serious collaboration on your hands.

This time, Almond and FKYA team up to put a new twist on Vérité’s original track “Weekend”, by transforming it into a combination of house and Melbourne bounce. Did I mention this new tune was also free?


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Holding it down from the Pacific Northwest, another Seattle native, Connor has been in the EDM scene for the past several years. Messing around with all different sorts of sounds, Connor is the Dubstep Editor, but also loves genres from trap to trance. Connor will be planning to stay in the music industry after college, but for now; OTB all the way.
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