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Rustie's "Beautiful" PC Edit

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Gabby Espinet

Dear Lord!  Is this real life?  Am I dreaming?  Did that seriously just happen?  I am temporarily unable to react on anything?

Nah, I'll be okay, but this is just an amazing combination, PC Music and Rustie, who would have thought? As we draw 2014 to a close, I can guarantee that 2015 is going to be P.C. Music's year. I can also confirm that Rustie is constantly dishing out the goods with music. The Glasgow inhabitant is known for dominating the lazer hip-hop realm and all of its wonky facets, but after this remix, I don't know if he's decided to take a turn into a different genre of experimental music.

Now, we are entering a polar opposite hemisphere, where everything is derived from the sounds of the 2000's and its cyberculture, the world I like to call, PC Music. The label, founded by A.G. Cook have arguably created some of the best pop songs of our time, especially with the help of the lovely Londoner, Hannah Diamond. We've really been blessed on this fine advent week with the release of Rustie's edit of A.G. Cook's "Beautiful"; it's appropriately titled as well. Please be sure to check out the original before Rustie's version, it'll just tie the two together.

A. G. Cook - Beautiful

A. G. Cook - Beautiful (Rustie Edit)

This track dropped earlier today, and yet it is already on my top 25 songs of 2014 list.