Avicii – Dreaming Of Me (Samuel Remix)

Here to save us from the doldrums of December is the young English producer, Samuel. With his latest production, he tackles the ailing Avicii, revamping the original with a tropical twist.

Avicii - Dreaming Of Me (Samuel Remix)

The guitar laden original vaguely captures the feeling of a Simon & Garfunkel / Toto track, only to quickly transform into a cheesy early 2000’s dance track. Don’t get me wrong, I love Avicii, but this track certainly wasn’t his best effort. Samuel took the original melody and gave the acoustic guitar a more noticeable presence, even adding a powerful piano riff. However, the true departure¬†from Avicii’s original occurs at 1:51 with Samuel’s soaring synth line carving a fresh melody, closing out a massive year for dance music globally.

Dip your toes into the sultry number below…and Happy Holidays from OTB!

Chris Bergin

Chris Bergin

Self-proclaimed music aficionado and aspiring DJ / Producer. Known for his love affair with the auxiliary cord, this native of Virginia considers his taste in music undoubtedly better than yours.
Chris Bergin
- 3 weeks ago
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