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Diplo - Revolution (feat. Faust & Imanos and Kai) (Unlike Pluto Remix)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Alex Blake

Hailing from Atlanta, now LA-based producer Unlike Pluto is definitely on the rise. Picking up plays in the diverse and artistically respected sets of Porter Robinson, Unlike Pluto fits into a niche market of forward thinking producers who add just enough to a familiar sound or genre to make us feel both comfortable and unique. Remixing the likes of the Gorillaz, Tritonal, and even Tears for Fears (80’s pop/Donnie Darko fans rejoice), Unlike Pluto takes these already phenomenal artists’ tracks and injects them with a personality that simply elevates the tunes to a different level. Bass heavy, beat driven, and filled with bendable, slippery synths that hit you in waves of dulcet rhythm, Unlike Pluto’s remix of “Revolution” does away with the prototypical “trap banger” template (don’t get me wrong, “Tell Me” is awesome in it’s own right, obviously) and brings you something that makes your head bob, your mind work, and your feet move, all within a familiar deep, sub-bass feel. This is not to say that Unlike Pluto as committed to one genre, as that is definitely not the case, given his myriad of genre remixes and tracks, but for a bass addict like me, the “Revolution” remix sold me on this up and coming producer. Be sure to check out the track below, grab the free download, and get to know this producer before you can be accused of jumping on the hype train.

Diplo - Revolution (feat. Faust & Imanos and Kai) (Unlike Pluto Remix) [Free Download]