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LeMove's "Where Are You Now" Remix Is A Melodic Trap Treasure

Monday, January 05, 2015
Nolan Oribello

Jenny-Mayhem720x404 "Chill trap," "melodic trap," or "ambient trap"--call it what you may--is a sound that I really get into. While most of my posted content leans toward deep/tech and garage house sounds with a couple of significant vocal trance tunes sprinkled in, I feel compelled to start off the new year sharing this trappy little gem. It's too good not to be heard by a larger audience. Give it a listen and I'm sure you'll agree.

Jenny Mayhem & The Fuzz Orchestrator - Where Are You Now (LeMove Remix)

LeMove turns the once whimsically light-hearted tune into a haunting, emotionally charged vocal trap masterpiece. Gone are the live instruments of the original, replaced with the signature clap-and-snare trap combination. This is more than just a simple vocal swap over an amateur beat loop, however. Jenny Mayhem's beautifully unique voice is allowed to shine throughout the song, with carefully calculated slices and tweaks to make the remix stand out on its own. It builds and swells, it dissipates and builds, again. It's a skillfully paced remix that will have you nodding your head and putting the track on repeat. It's also a free download!