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Mashup Monday (ft. The Hood Internet, Exige, and More!)

Hey there folks, welcome back to another edition of Mashup Monday! My apologies for being absent the last few weeks, but we are back in full force this week with five brand spankin' new mashups for your listening pleasure. This week features new mashups from the likes of The Hood Internet, Exige, Smija, The White Panda, and Shahar Varshal. Be sure to grab the free downloads of this week's tracks!

Exige - Proximity Launchpad Mashup 2015

This mashup is not only eargasmic, but is also very visually stimulating. Exige is becoming one of the most talented Launchpad mixers in the game right now and this awesome mix is a testament to that progression.

The Hood Internet - Calling Up On a Tuesday

The boys of The Hood Internet are well known their hip-hop style and R&B style mashups. This track is another amazing example of their style and brand. Let those smooth vocals carry you away.

The White Panda - Pony Lasts Forever

The White Panda have been on a roll as of late with finding the perfect combination for the classic A+B mashup style. This track is no different. A smooth and soothing blend of Feki and Genuwine.

Smija - Come and Revive It

I'm relatively new to Smija and I have to say that this masher has quite the ear for what sounds good together, which is the most important aspect of this under-appreciated genre. I love the future bass instrumental backing Selena's vocals on this track. Well done, Smija!

Shahar Varshal - Burn It Like Heroes

This is the first track that I've ever heard of Shahar's, I found it on SoundCloud this morning. This is easily one of my favorite mashups so far this year. It has everything that I look for in a mashup: It's melodic, creative, interesting, catchy, and gives me the good ole' back tingles. Look out for this guy in the future.