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17 Lido Tracks For 2014

Monday, January 19, 2015
Gabby Espinet

Well, we are almost a month into 2015 and lovely little Lido has already decided to bless us with a free ZIP filled with all his 2014 remixes.

But the struggle might be real for some of you.

Lido tweeted a link which directs you to his website. From there, you must enter a type of password before the download can be completed. Lido set up a musical riddle with notes, followed by a piano, which you are then instructed to play. The notes must correspond in order to unlock the puzzle. Once you enter the correct notes, an automatic download filled with 17 new tracks (basically happiness) will be imported into your iTunes. Within those files is a little something something with Astralwerk's beloved songstress, Halsey. Did I mention Jaden Smith tweeted the link to it too? jaden smith lido  

You can probably guess why...

For those who are unaware, the rendition samples Jaden Smith's, "Fast". Lido and Halsey cleverly titled their re-imagination, "Slow".

The track has it's moments where it really resembles a Lido ballad with it's trap like sounds... yet it also encompasses a light minimalistic vibe & slow vocals from Halsey, creating a perfect combination.

Slow (Lido x Halsey)