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Mashup Monday (ft. Smija, Cut & Paste, and More)

Let's get right into it, friends and viewing public. Welcome to another edition of Mashup Monday. This week features four all new mashups from the webosphere this week. Mashup artists included in this week's post are Smija, Cut & Paste, Happy Cat Disco, and a collaboration of Ferre Santos and 1TRIK. Be sure to grab your free download of all these awesome tracks!

Happy Cat Disco - Lose Yourself In The Middle

This is the first track I've ever heard from Happy Cat Disco (I love the name by the way) and I'm positive that it will not be the last track I hear. I love this track mainly because there is always a soft spot in my heart for all things Eminem-related, but the beat change-up with the Charli XCX track is a purrrrrfect switch. I know, lame pun. Sorry not sorry!

Ferre Santos and 1TRIK - Top Of The Beautiful World

This track is the only Progressive House mashup I've included in this week's post. I personally have been trying to branch out my taste in mashups more, but I couldn't resist putting this one on today's list. The combination of Blasterjaxx and Dyro with those haunting vocals and big beats makes for one hell of a banger.

Cut and Paste - How We Do The Both Of Us

Cut and Paste have started doing a new feature called "The Big Challenge" in which fans submit challenges and requests for them to complete with mashups. This is the first result after a fan requested that they make a Rita Ora song into a ballad. Turns out that they have a knack for crushing challenges. Well done.

Smija - She's Dangerous

Smija with the back to back Mashup Monday appearances! This track is an interesting take on Ed Sheeran's "Don't" featuring a funky futuristic beat as the instrumental. Loving this song and its groovy-ness!