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Pierce Fulton Unleashes Mesmerizing Video For "Kuaga"

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Chris Bergin

There's something uniquely beautiful about live electronic music. What's makes it so compelling? I'd argue that literally watching someone create music is what makes live shows so moving. And for some odd reason, electronic music fans have lost touch with this crucial aspect of artistry. jimmi Maybe it's because we've grown too complacent, and expect nothing more than a few triggered samples and knob twists at a DJ-oriented concert. Maybe we don't expect the power of highly distorted chords to translate sans CDJ's, or fear unsaturated sound could be "boring". Maybe, after all, we've warped into fan base incapable of appreciating anything but crippling bass and blinding lasers. TmrwWd-105 copy I'd like to think this bleak encapsulation of a our entire dance community isn't the present reality. I know for a fact that appreciation for live electronic music exists, but am simply concerned that the kandi-ridden, tank-top wearing "ravers" of our generation are missing the point. 428dbcb436c3932e8dee895d3d49e0b5 Here to show us what we've been missing is Pierce Fulton. Less than a week ago, the Vermont native released a music video featuring a live rendition of his massively successful December release, "Kuaga". What stands out isn't the video itself, but Fulton's repertoire of talents, most impressive being the deconstruction of a Main Stage track into a subtle, yet uniquely impactful performance piece. Check out his video below! Organic Dance at its finest. Also, don't forget to grab the free download on Soundcloud!