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Troy Crowder Takes You Into The Darkness On His Latest Mix

Saturday, January 31, 2015
Nolan Oribello

troy_kingdom720x404   "My Descent sets--that's everything I've got. I put everything into it. When I see crowd reactions to the same sounds that make me go crazy sitting at home...I don't even know how to describe the feeling..." - Troy

Come To The Darkside

Seattle is home to a hotbed of local talent that make promotional fliers look like a team roster of show-stealers. Counted among the city favorites is Washington-native Troy Crowder.  His signature "Descent Into Darkness" series has become a brand name to his fans and even garnered a nod from Fehrplay, who was so impressed with Troy's respective opening set he shared it with his followers on Soundcloud. Going on three months since his last mix, Troy is back with his 12th installment.

Troy Crowder - Descent Into Darkness 12

"It's my way to express my emotions; I show people sounds they have never heard in their life. Sounds that are exciting; refreshing." - Troy
Descent Into Darkness 12 is a moody, brooding trip down the rabbit hole; coaxing you to plunge and rewarding you every second you dwell in its depths. Haunting melodies are punctuated with pulsing percussions and warping synths at an energetic pace to keep you on your feet while threatening to drown you, at the same time. It's a skillful blend of progressive, deep, and techno tunes that will stay with you long after its 60 minute runtime. And it's available for free download.