Almond And Myles Travitz Bring “The Rain” With New Remix

As you have seen posted on OTB a couple of times before, Almond has been a person you can always count on to deliver different styles. He’s gone from progressive house, to deep house, to Melbourne Bounce, and now to a Flume-esque sounding remix of “The Rain” by Oh Wonder. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without the help of the up-and-coming extremely talented producer, Myles Travitz, who has been gaining notoriety and respect with his musical versatility.

“The Rain” already has amazing vocals laid over it to begin with, but the way these guys are able to splice them and restructure them throughout the song completely changes the style and element of the original. Following the haunting intro vocals, the drop is a smooth and heavy synth with a beautiful melody, that is sure to have you clicking the “Free Download” button underneath. Check the latest work from Almond and Myles Travitz, and make sure to keep up with them on their social medias and Soundcloud for the latest news and music.

Almond: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

Myles Travitz: Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud



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