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A French Dose of Fire - Wiz Khalifa Like You've Never Heard Him Before

Monday, February 16, 2015
Chris Bergin

I genuinely do not enjoy the majority of Wiz Khalifa's music. His genre of stoner rap caters to a specific crowd, and I'd venture to guess that his concerts are largely attended by high schoolers puffing their first joint. Not my scene. wiz_khalifa_live_klipsch_indianapolis_2013-02 Despite this, the French Dose's remix of "This Plane" is pure fuego. The Parisian duo substituted Khalifa's hazy pop production with some sort of Arabian infused Future Bounce. It's utterly ridiculous; and that's why I love it. The French Dose have only been around for a hot second (less than a month), and are already turning heads. Their first remix, a similarly absurd reinterpretation of Yo Gotti's "Act Right" surpassed 100k plays in its first 3 weeks on Soundcloud. If you're a fan of Hip Hop with a twist, keep up with these crazy Frenchmen... Listen below, and follow the French Dose - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram