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BTOYL Melts The Snow Away With This Free Download

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

While the northeast has been pounded time and time again with snowstorms this year, I have been lucky and have avoided the ever increasing piles of snow by being down here in Texas. Sadly, this morning the cold has gotten to us as a nice layer of ice has descended on the state leaving the people of our great state frozen in our houses. So as everyone huddles under the blankets to stay warm, throw this track on from new artist, Btoyl, otherwise known as Best Time Of Your Life. This is “Melt.”

Btoyl – Melt

From the beginning bass kick to the crescendo of the melody, you can feel the the warmth. The sun peeks around the clouds and the feeling of festival season takes over your body. The progressive beat gets your body moving as Btoyl melts melts the ice away. As I’m sitting here underneath my warm fleece blanket, I can’t help but tap my foot to the beat. There’s something groovy about this track that I can’t seem to pinpoint. BTOYL Melt LAWhile this man may not have a solid following yet, he's worth a look for all you house lovers out there. The LA native definitely knows how to mix together some beats for your listening pleasure. With just over 20 tracks on his SoundCloud including a remix of “Chandelier” and “Uptown Funk” there is something there for everyone. Check him out across all platforms including his Facebook and Twitter. Give a listen to “Melt” and make sure to grab the FREE DOWNLOAD of the tune also. Remember, the snow will melt soon enough.