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Thursday, March 05, 2015
Alex Blake

Every time I see new verbiage to describe a genre, I get a little nervous. If your distinction is based upon the words you use to describe your sound, it’s probably not unique. This time, I see “ABSTRACT BASS” plastered across the track as it’s soundcloud tag, and I’m not entirely positive what I’m to expect (that’s kinda the point, right?). Despite my trepidation, South Korean DJ/Producer IMLAY’s track “Gaze” has curated and developed a sound of down-tempo vibes, warm organ-esque chords, and syncopated plucks that sound dissonant until the moment they come together. For lack of a better description, IMLAY has developed a cacophony of warm sounds that fall together in a rhythm that make the diverse sounds within the track unite. Check out the rest of IMLAY's work and be sure to grab the free download below!