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Thursday, April 02, 2015

There's a lot to say about local talent and production that really doesn't suck. The Seattle boys of MTBTZ (yes, like "meaty beats") prove that they're not just some hometown DJs who spin tracks from pre-made playlists and can bring the soundtrack to your house party...but they used to, and you've all got to start somewhere, right? Scotty Mo and Jaderade (known respectively by their DJ names) are the minds behind the epic MTBTZ duo. Based out of Seattle, Washington and originating from the granola-crunching town of Bellingham, WA, these two dudes live for bassline house music. "We live for heavy bass, classic samples and bacon," says Scotty Mo. And the message behind the name? Scotty Mo remarks "Beat Meats just didn't sound right." We agree, and good choice guys. Everyone's got a signature sound, and MTBTZ  focuses their tracks around punchy kicks, heavy bass, and smooth vocal samples (I'm assuming you've started streaming "Dance With Me" by now, so you get it). The best part about this group? They're not just two dudes and a turn table (although, two dudes and a turntable can make some epic music). These guys are taking their live performances to the next level with the "Fractal Reactor." Intrigued as I am? The "Fractal Reactor," created by their stage designer and live VJ Matt R. (making this duo a trio), is defined as the mix of "a fuel of house music and 3D projection-mapped graphics," so you know I'm sold. In the Seattle area and want to get a taste of some of the Northwest's meatiest beats around? The guys are performing this Saturday, April 4 at Rumors Cabaret in Bellingham. Find more info here.