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Band Of Horses' "The Funeral" Gets A Surprising Remix By Excision

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Matthew Jager

When you hear the words Band Of Horses and "Funeral", your mind may drift to memories of beautiful vocals and tear inducing melodies. When you hear the word Excision, loud rumbles of bass and eardrum blowing bass probably roars into your head. So when I heard the words Excision and The Funeral remix used in the same sentence you could say my mind was a bit confused and didn't know what to expect. I was a bit nervous as this track is one of my all time favorites. Would Excision murder the track with bass and create a need for an actual funeral for Band Of Horses and their beloved track? Thankfully for everyone, Excision proves once again why his musicality extends beyond the realm of dubstep and the stereotypes that accompany it.

Lacking traditional Excision wub and trading it out for emotionally charged bass synths, Excision masterfully has crafted a beautiful update to an old classic. While the track is not groundbreaking and doesn't deviate from the original track in to many regards, Excision brings an electronic feel to the piano driven track; bringing in beautiful melodies and chords to make the sound sound rich and full. Excision has crafted a remix that has the potential to cross genres in electronic music and bring "The Funeral" back into rotation at shows and festivals this coming summer. You can grab the track as a free download on Excision's Soundcloud and below find another personal favorite remix of "The Funeral" brought to you by Sound Remedy.