NGHTMRE is in the “Limelight” with This New Remix

NGHTMRE has been on full blast lately with some incredible originals, but that doesn’t stop him from creating masterpiece remixes. Today he is back at his remix game but with a more mellow and melodic style than his previous remakes. You aren’t going to want to miss this free download!

Just A Gent – Limelight ft. R O Z E S (NGHTMRE Remix)

“Limelight” by Just A Gent has always been a favorite of mine. This feel-good track takes everything we all know and love about the original and turns up the bass with this future bass type sound. The track is a happy uplifting contrast to the hard hitting style of his Nuclear Bonds EP and reveals NGHTMRE’s sensitive side (ladies, I guarantee you’ll love this one).

Just when you think this track is going to be your next go to mellow jam, NGHTMRE drops a bassfilled breakdown perfect for a sunset at any festival main stage! The track is well timed for NGHTMRE as he is set to embark on his first international headlining Dreamcatcher tour through North America and Australia. Less than four full months into 2015, and NGHTMRE is already making a strong case for breakout artist of the year.

Madison Riccardi

Madison Riccardi

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