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Trippy Turtle is back and "better than the last time"

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Natalie Barman

How did you celebrate World Turtle Day? Trippy Turtle, the world's premier turtle Jersey-club producer, celebrated the holiday by releasing a new track, "A Good Ass Turtle." The song is a remix of Chance the Rapper's "Good Ass Intro" and already has been featured in Trippy's mixes and sets. The formal release of the track, however, is a treat for Trippy Turtle fans who have anxiously been awaiting another release from him over the last five months. "A Good Ass Turtle" is a high-energy blend of the vocals on Chance's original and the heavy trap drums that make Trippy Turtle's music stand out. Chance the Rapper's signature shriek ad-lib is repeated throughout Trippy's version, as well as Lili K.'s and Kiara Lanier's vocals from the original. Trippy Turtle adds some snaps, the word "Turtle," and a bouncy Jersey-club redo of the beat in his version of song. Give it a listen right here.