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Feel On Top of the World with nanobii's remix

Sunday, June 14, 2015
Janessa Demeule

How long does it take to feel happy? If you're listening to nanobii's remix of Darren Styles, Dougal and Gammer's "Top Of The World" the answer is about 5 seconds. UK hardcore is a genre prized for it's intensely uplifting style. An evolution of happy hardcore, the sound utilizes propulsive 4/4 beats, intense melodic transitions, and bright lyrics to bring and onset of dopamine rushing to the brain. nanobii, a well-known voice on the Monstercat circuit, has taken the best parts of what makes the original so fun and thrown in a few dashes of inspiration, bliss, and awesomeness to boost this track into overdrive. With impressive and fervid vocals from Hannah Faulkner and a brilliant model from three of UK hardcore's top artists, the original is nothing to shake a fist at. Unless your fist shaking is more like a fist pumping, then by all means keep shaking! Each of us face our own difficulties in life. It can be hard to deal some days. When we listen to EDM, we escape into our own personal kingdom. Each of us atop our own glorious castle, making invitations to all the surrounding kingdoms to join in our happiness. nanobii, has mastered that feeling and infused it into his work. "Top Of the World" is a promise of better nights to come and thanks to nannobii's infectiously lively additions, you'll have enough happiness to carry you through to the next day. Click through for a free download from nanobii!