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Grab Your “Mojito” with Kayla and Heatcliff

Thursday, June 25, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Summer is finally here and the temperatures are boiling. Tank tops and swimsuits are replacing jeans and sweatshirts while big room and tropical house are replacing the deep techno and downtempo house in our playlists. As pool season comes upon us and you’re struggling to choose your next drink to sip on, let Kayla make the decision for you as Heatcliff gets you groovin’ with his remix of “Mojito.”

Mojito (Heatcliff Remix) – Kayla

While the original has an Imagine Dragons heavy synth sound, Daniel Heatcliff strips it down and gives us a summer techno vibe with pulsating bass and an infectious melody that will have you bouncing throughout the club. Daniel incorporates Kayla’s crooning vocals throughout the remix building the beat around her voice with an amazing chord progression and a soft yet powerful drop that can fit in many different situations. This is definitely one of those tracks that at first you might sleep on and yet at the end you find yourself pressing the back button to listen to it again and again. I don’t know if it’s Kayla’s contagious vocals or the even more infectious beat but I certainly can’t get enough of it. Make sure to grab your free copy of the track and check out Kayla’s new EP #ThisIsKaylaMusic available today. This could be  a new vocalist set to transform the electronic genre. Check out Heatcliff’s Soundcloud and Facebook and be on the lookout for more music from his as well. Put on your swimsuit, grab your “Mojito” and enjoy summer 2015.